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Karunya Chowdary


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Stylish Karunya Chowdary Stills

Karunya Chowdary has a lot of charm and glamor. The celebrity works in South Indian films. Karunya Chowdary has a child-like face and a white skin tone. Karunya Chowdary has curly black hair that is very long. Karunya Chowdary is in the balcony of a building that has lush greenery around. Karunya Chowdary is in a pink dress.

The dress has a transparent cloth with flowers till the shoulder. The net dress has been heavily stitched. Karunya Chowdary has chubby cheeks. Karunya Chowdary leans on the wooden railings as her pictures are clicked. Karunya Chowdary is wearing bangles of silver, magneta and green colors. Karunya Chowdary is wearing a gold ring on her right hand.

Karunya Chowdary is wearing copper sulfate nail color. Karunya has worn a black bikini top which is visible from the dress. Karunya Chowdary is wearing black gladiator high heels and has put on a black string on her left leg.The actress is quite ambitious for her success.