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The gallery covers some pictures of producer GR. GR worked as an actor in the Tamil film industry before becoming a producer and has produced quite a good number of Tamil films. GR was in the news recently for his controversy with the Censor board members of Tamil film fraternity. His movie ‘Kadhali Kaanavillai’ was not granted censor certificate even though it has been originally shot in both Tamil and Kannada.

GR was seen at two locations in the images. GR is in a pink shirt in both the pics. GR is in front of a wall that has designer tiles fitted over it. The tiles are of brown, caramel and black in colors. In another still, GR is at a dam. There is a hill in the background of the photograph. He leans on a yellow pipe behind.GR has grown up beard and mustache in these photos. GR has many production ventures in near future.