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Samantha Akkineni


Stunning Samantha Gallery Stills

This gallery shows  Stunning Samantha’s sari look from different angles while she sits as an audience at an event. Samantha is seen wearing a magnificent net sari which is ornamented with white color embroidery with a metallic finish thin strapped blouse. She adorns her beautiful sari with a metallic finish choker that makes her look all the more stunning. She is also wearing a small diamond in her ears.

Stunning Samantha carries a light makeup that highlights her eyes with a bronze color eye shade and her lips are shaped beautifully with bright orange color lipstick. The gallery shows the stunning look of Samantha from different angles and in different poses. She poses looking at various sides, smiling and raises her hand in a picture to set her hairs which are tied nicely at the back in a bun.