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Nivesha is an adorable actress who works in the Deccan film industry. Nivesha is fair, sexy and has a great pair of eyes that can woo the audience. Nivesha is attending a function in this photograph.

Nivesha is in a black saree with red borders. The saree has a net cloth as pallu and is dark in the drop. Nivesha is wearing a black tank top dress as a blose. The saree has pink flowers stitched over it. Nivesha’s blouse has a pink strap in it. Nivesha has put on a black bindi and smiled as she looks towards the camera.

Nivesha is standing beside a coconut tree which is painted white in color. Nivesha is standing leaning on the tree. The area is well-lighted, and Nivesha looks very charming. Nivesha has put on red lip color and black nail color. The blouse has full arms and has borders of flowers along the wrists. The actress has begun her journey to stardom.