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Remya Nambeesan is a Kochi based celebrity who is an actress, singer and a television presenter. Remya Nambeesan was born at Chottanikkara in Kochi on 1 January 1986. Remya Nambeesan is found in different attires in the photo gallery. Remya Nambeesan made her debut in the year 2000. Remya Nambeesan is seen in a black dress with net cloth stitched around the shoulder. Black dots have been stitched with the apparel at some portions.

Remya is in a pink colored top that has frilled drop. She has put on denim trousers with the top that looks awesome. Remya Nambeesan is in a black saree with red color blouse. The saree has patterns printed on it with color. The looks complement her along with the Chinese fan that she holds in grace. Remya Nambeesan gives a cute smile in a blue top.

The actress poses outdoors in a long dress that has flowers of different colors printed on the white cloth. In another shot, she is beside a desk in a black and white striped long dress. Remya Nambeesan looks like an angel in the traditional Indian attire and jewelry. The actress has many roles to play and progress.