Actress Malavika Nair Birthday 2016 Celebration Photos

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Malavika Nair


Malavika Nair Birthday Celebration Pics

Malavika Nair was born in 1996 in New Delhi and moved to Kerala with family. Malavika Nair used to appear in different commercials and finally got her break at the age of 13 years. Malavika Nair has appeared in movies shot in Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil languages. Malavika Nair is an award winning actress.

Malavika Nair is in a gray colored shirt that has two pockets. Malavika Nair is in black trousers. In the picture, she is seen celebrating her birthday with great pomp and cheer. Malavika Nair is with her movie-making team in the celebrations. There is a big cake that was kept on a table with orange table cloth and silver paper plates.

Malavika Nair and the team get some good amounts of photographs clicked before the cake cutting ceremony. Malavika Nair has cut the cake, and she offers the cake to the producer, director, and all other members. Similarly;Malavika Nair is given cake by her mates. The young actress has a long way to fly high in the movie fraternity and to shine.