Veediki Dookudekkuva Movie Review

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  • Review for the film: "Veediki Dookudekkuva"
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  • Runtime: 2 Hours 20 Minutes
  • Certificate: U
  • Released: 04-12-2015
  • Genre: Action, Romance, Drama
1.75 / 5.0

Srikanth is seen in celluloid as the lead actor after a long time. Well, let's see whether the turns out a winner in the second innings as lead hero. 


Srikanth is a honest polic cop who can walk an extra mile for restoring justice. He annihilates any wrong-doer during his period. To add to the romance element there is Kamna Jetmalani, who was also the childhood buddy of Srikanth. Kamna is working on a research on temples and when she travels to Malaysia for that she was kidnapped by a dangerous gang. What will Srikanth do at this juncture? What is the purpose of the gang to kidnap Kamna? Watch the movie to find out.

Star Performances

Srikanth has done a great job in the movie. He is the show stealer. Kamna Jethmalani also has done a good job. The rest of the cast including Krishna Bhagavan, Chandra Mohan, Chitram Seenu and M S Narayana have done what is required of them.

What’s there?

  1. The cinematographer has brought before our eyes certain scenes in a beautiful manner
  2. Production values are ok.
  3. Music by late Chakri is good.

What’s not there?

  1. The second half goes in a very boring pace. Certain scenes could very well have been edited.
  2. Since this movie has Srikanth playing the lead hero after a long time it seems that the director Satyanarayanan Dwarapudi had inserted winning elements of a couple of other Telugu movies.
  3. The movie is in predictable lines.


The movie has all the essential elements of a full-fledged commercial entertainer; whether it is family drama, action, comedy or romance the movie is high in all these elements. However, it seems that the comedy element of M S Narayana is inserted just for the sake of a comedy track in the movie.


Nothing new in this movie….perhaps you can watch it to while away the time.