Pressure Cooker Movie Review

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  • Review for the film: "Pressure Cooker"
  • Runtime: 2 Hours 15 Minutes
  • Certificate: UA
  • Released: 21-02-2020
  • Genre: Drama
2.25 / 5.0

Pressure Cooker is a comedy entertainer scripted and directed by Sujoy and Sushil. Sushil and Appi Reddy produced the movie. The music composition is by Rahul Sipligunj and the cinematography is by Nagesh Banell. The editing is by Naresh Reddy Jonna. The movie has the star cast of Sai Ronak, Preethi Asrani, Rahul Ramakrishna, CVL Narasimha Rao and Tanikella Bharani.


Narayana always had a dream to send his son to the US and his son Kishore wants to fulfill his father's wish. But he could not get the visa at the right time. Tensed Kishore goes to Hyderabad. He meets Anita and falls for her. At the same time, he lands in a problem. To get the problem solved, Kishore designs a new product for pregnant women. As it was a useful one, Kishore turns popular in a day. Meanwhile, the luck favors him and he gets his visa approved to the US. Now Kishore could not decide immediately whether to stay in India or to fly to the US to fulfill his dad's dream. To know what Kishore decided, watch the movie.

Star Performance

Sai Ronak, the hero, has done justice to his role. He has performed excellently from the beginning till the end. Preeti is good and her chemistry with Sai Ronak is also impressive. Tanikella Bharani, Rahul Ramakrishna and the rest of the stars had done justice to the given roles.


The movie has a good concept and the star selection is beautiful and all the stars fit well in the role and had done a great job assigned to them. But, the director, who made a good script, failed to make a good screenplay and the audience feel that the story seems to have been derailed after a particular time. The scenes are not in the right sequence and irk audience. The emotional scenes should have been shot better. However, the comedy track and the romance between the lead pair worked out well. The BGM is good and the cinematography is also impressive. The editing should have been better. A lot of scenes seem to be repeated and it could have been trimmed.

What's There?

  • Good performance by the stars
  • Comedy and romance had worked out

What's Not There?

  • Repetitive scenes should have been deleted
  • The screenplay should have been better


If we sideline the flaws in the movie, then the movie is definitely a one-time watch. But, don't keep many expectations before visiting the Pressure Cooker theatres!

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