Kanche Movie Review

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  • Review for the film: "Kanche"
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  • Runtime: 2 Hours 06 Minutes
  • Certificate: UA
  • Released: 22-10-2015
  • Genre: Action, Drama
3 / 5.0

Kanche means fence. What is the wall that acts as a barrier in this movie?
Varun is the epitome of serenity in this film, which is very much required for a soldier. He hails from a low-income family and hence pursuing studies. Those who are soft-natured will surely be angry towards the injustice in this society, and Varun is no exception to this. Pragya, who is a gorgeous girl,  gets trapped in the love of Varun. What obstacles do the lovebirds face from the society? And is Varun successful in becoming a soldier?
Well, firstly director Krish should be applauded for trying an entirely different film from the ones which he is used to. In fact, he dared to take this subject though he was appreciated for his earlier offbeat ventures. Also, this is the first Telugu movie set in the world war. Creativity is at its height in this movie. The shuttling of the film between two distinct stories is something that is commendable. The love element involved in this story is just another run-of-the-mill but again, what makes this film unique is its world war backdrop. Krish has concentrated primarily on this war aspect. The surprise element of the flick is that it also has current streaks to it. The film is meticulously planned and the war sequences are a visual treat to the audience. But beware fans! Kaanche is not a masala film for you!
The war scenes in Italy are presented in a thoroughly original manner. There are certain heart-rending scenes including the German girl saving the soldiers. Though the language is alien to us sometimes, the actions keep us hooked to the seat. 
Star Performances
Varun Tej dons the character of a soldier in this flick. Right from the posters of the film, he showed that he fits the role to the T. In fact, Varun is here to prove a point; he is surely a promising actor and has a great path ahead of him if he chooses the right scripts.
Pragya Jaswal has done a great job. She  looks graceful in the movie, and she will surely be seen in more movies in the future. Niketan Dheer has debuted in this film and makes a flawless performance. The appearance of Gollapudi, who is considered in a pivotal role, is  heartening. 
What’s there?
Gnanasekhar’s cinematography is excellent. 
Chirantanbhatt’s music surely is welcoming.
Production values are outstanding. 
There is an international touch to this film. 
The onscreen chemistry between Varun and Pragya calls for attention. 
The dresses of the lead pair (in the 40s) are apt.
What’s not there?
test our patience.
The director could have worked better with the emotional aspects of the film. 
Verdict:  The film would vibe with a selected section of the audience. Also, it will surely make you ponder over how far has the society evolved in the past seven decades.