HIT: The Second Case Movie Review

  • By: nettv4u.com
  • Review for the film: "HIT: The Second Case"
  • Streaming on: Amazon Prime Video
  • Runtime: 1 Hour 58 Minutes
  • Certificate: UA
  • Released: 02-12-2022
  • Genre: Thriller
3 / 5.0

HIT: The Second Case is a mystery thriller film scripted and directed by Sailesh Kolanu. Prashanti Tipirneni and “Nani” produced the film. S Manikandan cranked the camera, and Garry BH edited the film. M. M. Srilekha and Suresh Bobbili composed the songs, and the background score is by John Stewart Eduri. The film features Adivi Sesh, Meenakshi Chaudhary, “Suhas,” Rao Ramesh, Tanikella Bharani, Posani Krishna Murali, Komalee Prasad, Maganti Srinath, and Srikanth Iyengar.


A young woman is chopped in Vizag, and the case comes to Krishna Dev, the SP. He investigates the case and finds a man behind the murder. But, soon, he finds out that he is not the real murderer and the culprit targets only the women. Dev has to find out the murderer with limited clues. Will he succeed? The rest of the story deals with it.

Star Performance

Adivi Sesh did justice to the given role. His body language, dialogue delivery, and expressions are fantastic. Meenakshi fits well in the role, and her chemistry with Adivi is beautiful. Komalee did a good job. Rao Ramesh and the rest of the stars did what was required of them.


The story has nothing new but a normal cop thriller story. Though the story starts well, the second half is well-shot than the first half. Adivi Sesh is given the right role, and his body language suits the cop well. Though the film has some exciting investigation scenes, it makes the audience feel that something from Adivi Sesh’s previous movies is missing in HIT 2. The film has beautiful visuals, different lighting, and crisp editing. The BGM is neat too.

What’s There?

  • Adivi Sesh’s presence in the film is adorable
  • The performances of the stars are neat

What’s Not There?

  • Nothing special, but a usual crime thriller


Though the film has some exciting moments, it offers nothing new. However, the film is definitely watchable once for the performance of the stars and the investigation scenes.