Ee Cinema Superhit Guarantee Movie Review

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  • Review for the film: "Ee Cinema Superhit Guarantee"
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  • Runtime: 2 Hours 24 Minutes
  • Certificate: U
  • Released: 11-12-2015
  • Genre: Drama
2.75 / 5.0

Ee Cinema Superhit Guarantee is a small budget movie that has hit the screens recently. Some small budget movies work at the box office. Has Ee Cinema Superhit Guarantee emerged a winner?


Mahadev is a carefree guy who dreams of becoming a filmmaker. He is smitten by three women in life and all the three affairs prove to be a disaster. The interesting point is that all the three girls are named Sirisha.What is it in Mahadev that causes failures in his love relationships?

Star Performances

Mahadev is quite at ease with his character and he performs spontaneously. The three leading ladies have good scope to perform and they do full justice to their roles. The comedy of Punarnavi Bhupalam is appealing and she looks pretty in the movie.


The love angle between Mahadev and the third Sirisha is written beautifully. Also the humor angle of the movie is very natural; there is also no trace of vulgarity in it.  

What’s there?

  1. There’s a simple innocence in a couple of scenes that will appeal to you. You have got to watch the movie to know about that.
  2. Screenplay is excellent and director Chendu has executed it well.
  3. Director Chendu maintains the thriller element of the movie at a good pace.
  4. The humour of the movie is one of its assets.
  5. The songs are quite ok.
  6. Cinematography is average.

What’s not there?

  1. While the director has maintained the tempo of the movie in the first half the screenplay in the second half struggles.
  2. The movie is in the predictable lines sometimes.
  3. There is lack of logic in some of the scenes.
  4. The director could have worked more on the intensity of the movie.


      You can watch the movie once and you won’t come out disappointed.