Columbus Movie Review

1.75 / 5.0

Well, who is the real Columbus (discoverer) of the movie? The audience or the hero?
Sumanth Ashwin, who is studying in college, is crazy about Mishti Chakraborty. But unfortunately he gets caught in a wrong-doing and is jailed. After returning from jail Sumanth regains his normal self and tries to get the love of Mishti, with the help of Seerat Kapoor.
Well, the plot of the film is quite in predictable lines.In order to do justice to the plot the onscreen chemistry between the lead pair should be good. But pitiably, this is not so between Sumanth and Mishti. Hence, one may find it difficult to connect with them. The script could have been detailed to a great extent. Also the viewers are tired of such scripts and what they require at this juncture is novelty. The hero yearns for the love of the girl, this is all the film is all about. 
As far as the etching of characters, it could have been crafted in a better fashion. Some characters remind us of old films. The cinematography of Jatin is fine. 
Well, now let’s come to the title Columbus. Why is it named so? The hero, who badly wants to win his love, discovers something completely new, amidst turn of events. 
For a film of such story, there should be profound touching on relationships; there is dearth of depth in the film which acts as its main drawback. Also, the characters of the film have no identification. Sumanth Ashwin and Seerat Kapoor does a neat job though, trying to deliver their best. But Misthi Chakraborty fumbles and her performance doesn’t get inside your mind. It seems as though her characterization is done in a hastened manner. Saptagiri’s comedy track could have been crafted in a better way. On the whole, the film falters in terms of screenplay.
Now read the first line. The audience is the real discoverer since they realize that the screenplay lacks luster. 
Verdict: Eventhough the plot is old, the film could have emerged victorious with depth in the narration. This is pitiably lacking in this film.