Sathuran Movie Review

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  • Review for the film: "Sathuran "
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  • Runtime: 1 Hour 58 Minutes
  • Certificate: U
  • Released: 09-10-2015
  • Genre: Thriller, Crime
2.2 / 5.0

Yet another crime thriller. It seems the Kollywood film makers are fascinated by this genre.  Sometimes simplicity works wonders and Sathuran does exactly that.

Plot: Sathuran means a smart and able city individual. Baasha autorickshaw stand is under the control of Dheena, who is a conscientious person. And he bounces upon Janani, a beautician. Kumar is Dheena’s close friend in the film. And to add to the vigor of the film a corrupt cop is there in the film, who is against Dheena. It turns out that three killings happen in Chennai and yes, you heard it right, the police hold Dheena responsible for the crime. Added to this Dheena’s flame’s and father’s life is also under difficulty. Watch the film to find out  whether Dheena proves himself innocent.

This film, happens in a time of 24 hours. This film also touches on the discrepancies in the medicinal field. The battle between the police and Dheena is indeed gripping and director Rajeev Prasad should be lauded for this. There are the right aspects in the flick to make it a paced one. The film has a good storyline, but you wonder whether a lot of hype is created for the hero. He is a typical commercial flick hero. On the flip side, the presentation of the film could have been good.

Rajaj, who is known for his performance in Moodarkudam, is the heart of the movie. His character resembles that of Rajinkianth in Baasha. Rajaj is spontaneous in his acting. It is learnt that he imbibed the traits of an auto driver while working on the film. Varsha, who has similarities to Nazriya, has the looks, but there is little scope for her to perform. Raju Eswaran as the police has given an exaggerated performance. The direction of the film is by Rajeev Prasad, who was an assistant to director Suresh Krishna. He has done a commendable job. But sometimes we get a feeling that of boredom too, which is passable. Monik Kumar’s cinematography is the highlight of the film and he has presented Chennai from a different angle.

Verdict: For a debut endeavor, the director surely deserves credit.