Rudra Thandavam Movie Review

2.5 / 5.0

Rudra Thandavam is an action thriller flick scripted and directed by “Mohan G.” Besides directing the film, Mohan produced it. Farook J Basha cranked the camera, and Devaraj edited the film. Jubin composed the music. Richard Rishi, Gautham Menon, Dharsha Gupta, Radha Ravi, Thambi Ramaiah, Malavika Avinash, Y. G. Mahendran, “Manobala,” “G Marimuthu,” Jayam SK Gopi, Rams, Deepa and Kaaka Muttai Vignesh are cast. This is the third time Richard and Mohan G are teaming up and they have worked together in Pazhaya Vannarapettai and “Draupathi.” Rudra Thandavam hit the screens on 1st October 2021.


Rudra Prabhakaran is a sincere young cop who fears for nothing. He is married, and his wife is pregnant. His sincerity rewarded him with a transfer to deal with the drug dealers. While dealing with this case, he had to lock horns with two boys, and to his bad luck, one of them died. This paves the way for Rudran’s slide. A PCR case was booked against him, and he was complained about being caste and religion biased. How Rudran clears all the issues amidst his problems forms the rest of the story.

Star Performance

Richard is okay with his role. Gautham Menon excelled in his role as the antagonist. GVM's scenes are interesting and performance-oriented. Thambi Ramaiah and Radha Ravi did justice to their roles.


It is Mohan G, who trusts Richard, and hence they have joined for the third time. Although some of the movies picked by Richard didn’t do well, his films with Mohan G highlight him as an actor in Kollywood. All the three films by them had Richard in different roles. This film has him as a cop, and he is okayish in the role. Senior stars are given suitable roles and they fit in their character well. Mohan tried to showcase the injustice done to a cop, but certain scenes appear to be one-sided. He should have dealt with it neutrally. The music and the cinematography are pretty decent.

What’s There?

  • The performance of the senior stars and GVM is good

What’s Not There?

  • Sensitive issues should have been dealt with neutrally


The film has dealt with some sensitive issues prevailing in society. Although they are focused well, it would have been better if dealt with neutrally. However, the film is watchable once for the performance of the stars!