November Story Movie Review

4 / 5.0

November Story is a crime thriller web series directed by Indhra Subramanian. Tamannaah Bhatia plays the lead role in the series, produced by Ananda Vikatan. The series is premiering on Disney + Hotstar. Saran Raghavan composed the music. The film has the supporting cast of Pasupathy, "G M Kumar," Arul Doss, Vivek Prasanna, Myna Nadhini, Tharini, Nishanth Naidu and Namitha Krishnamurthy. Vidhu Ayyanna is the cinematographer.


Anuradha is a computer expert. Her father, Ganesan, is a crime novelist. He is in the second stage of Alzheimer's. Anu has appointed a caretaker for her father and has been fighting hard to sell their old house. One day, Ganesan gets out of the house without his caretaker's knowledge. Anu searches him and finds him in their old house, which she wanted to sell. To her shock, there is a woman’s dead body near her father. When Anu tries to hide the truth, police suspect Anu’s father. Anu had to trace the original killer before his father gets stuck with the case. Who is the killer? Who is the woman and why did she come to Anu’s home? The answers form the rest of the story.

Star Performance

Tamannaah is impressive as usual. Her natural performance is one of the biggest pluses of the series. GM Kumar and Aruldoss are also fantastic with their performances. Vivek Prasanna is good with the given role.


The director has come with a good story with interesting turns. Tamannaah fits well in the role and so do GM Kumar and Aruldoss. The main odd thing is the dubbing for Tamannaah. They could have tried a better option. Some portions in the climax are stretched and it should have been crisper. The director has interlinked Anu’s professional issue and her personal issue well with some reasonable explanations. The cinematography is fantastic and the BGM too. The production design needs a special mention. Unlike some posh and colorful sets that don’t fit the story, this series has the right spots chosen for the script. Normal houses and workplaces make the series appeal natural.

What’s There?

  • Performance of Tamannaah, Kumar and Aruldoss
  • Cinematography and the BGM are appreciable

What’s Not There?

  • Stretchy scenes in the climax should have been avoided


With the beautiful performances of the stars and good direction, music and visuals, November Story is really a treat to the crime story lovers!