Nerkonda Paarvai Movie Review

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  • Review for the film: "Nerkonda Paarvai"
  • Runtime: 2 Hours 38 Minutes
  • Certificate: UA
  • Released: 08-08-2019
  • Genre: Thriller, Drama
3.75 / 5.0

Nerkonda Paarvai is the remake of Bollywood movie “Pink.” Nerkonda Paarvai is directed by “H Vinoth.” Yuvan Shankar Raja composed the songs and the BGM. Boney Kapoor produced the film on a large scale under Bayview Projects LLP banner. Nirav Shah cranked the camera and Gokul Chandran edited the film. Ajith Kumar, Shraddha Srinath, Andrea Tariang, Abhirami Iyer, Adhik Ravichandran, Rangaraj Pandey and Delhi Ganesh are in the cast. Vidya Balan, who makes her debut in Tamil with this film, gets a cameo role. Kalki Koechlin plays a cameo role.


Meera, Famita and Andrea meet a boys’ gang during a concert. When the boys behaved cool and friendly, the girls accepted to have a dinner date with them. They invited the girls to the resort and had some drinks too. Without knowing the imminent danger, the girls enjoy the party. When one among the boys tried to misbehave with Meera, they realize the situation. To escape from them, Meera hit him with a bottle and all of them escape from that place. After the boys threaten the girls, the girls filed a complaint against the boys. At the same time, the boys filed a complaint against them for a murder attempt. Bharat Subramaniam appears for the girls and Sathyamurthy appears for the boys, when the case comes to the court. The rest of the film deals with the arguments by the advocates and the confession by the boys and girls.

Star Performance

Thala Ajith excelled as Bharat Subramaniam. His fantabulous performance is the best from him, so far. Shraddha Srinath is top-notching with her performance. Abhirami had done a fantastic job. Andrea, Adhik and the rest of the cast have done justice to the roles, given. Vidya comes just for a few minutes; yet impresses. Rangaraj Pandey attracts with his arguments.


Although it is a remake, Vinoth has excelled in his narration and dialogues. Superb dialogues! Ajith roars in the climax with the sharp dialogues and it creates Goosebumps. The star cast is excellent. Although Vidya didn’t come in a full-length role, her chemistry with Ajith is fantastic. Thala Ajith, Rangaraj Pandey and Shraddha are powerful with their performances. Ramchandran, who plays the judge, is good with his performance. The BGM by Yuvan Shankar Raja is superb. It gels well with the script. The action sequence is fantabulous and Yuvan’s music in that sequence too. Dilip Subbarayan’s action choreography is excellent. Nirav Shah’s camera angles are good.

What’s There?

  • Superb performance of the stars
  • Excellent dialogues, screenplay and narration
  • Fantastic BGM by Yuvan

What’s Not There?

  • Except for some minor errors nothing seems to be negative


H Vinoth has done justice to the original version. Except a few additions to impress Thala fans, he hadn’t change the concept and spoil the script. Hats off to Vinoth and team for a genuine remake!

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