Lock Up Movie Review

3 / 5.0

Lock Up is a whodunit kind of film penned and helmed by SG Charles. The film is the debut production venture by Nithin Sathya. The thriller film has Venkat Prabhu, Vaibhav Reddy and Vani Bhojan in the lead roles. Arrol Corelli composed the music. Gautham Menon narrates the story. Santhanam Sekar is the cinematographer and editing is by Anand Geraldin. The film has the supporting cast of Shamna Kasim, Mime Gopi, Easwari Rao and “Dileepan.”


Ilavarasi is a cop. She receives a call about the murder of another cop, Sampath. Murthy involves in the case and they started investigating and finally, a local rowdy voluntarily appears before the cops and confesses that he is the murderer. However, Ilavarasi couldn’t believe the goon and screws up the people, who involved in the case. Vasanth, a cop investigates a suicide case. He finds something related to the cop’s murder. When they are nearing the case, the goon gets killed and this delays the case, further. The rest of the story brings how the cops find out the culprit.

Star Performance

Venkat Prabhu and Easwari had got strong roles and they proved their mettle. Similarly, Vaibhav did his job neatly. Poorna is good with the given role. Vani didn’t have much to perform.


The story and the screenplay are good. The director maintained the suspense element until the last and made the audience keep guessing the suspicious character. As the stars are well-known in the TV and movie industry, the audience connects with the story well with their favorite stars. SG Charles had not dragged the film unnecessarily and that’s one of the major plus points. He had not taken much time to introduce the stars. The production and technical values are neat.

What’s There?

  • The screenplay and direction are neat and good
  • Unexpected twists and suspense are one of the plus points
  • The performance of stars is impressive

What’s Not There?

Some of the characters are not shaped up well


The stars and the director impress the audience with the genre. As the director maintained the suspense throughout the film, the audience finds it interesting. If you love to watch the whodunit kind of movie, then it might suit you!