Traffic Malayalam Movie Review

4 / 5.0


The movie ‘Traffic’, is a directorial venture by Rajesh Pillai, and is a brilliant and different effort by the director. Just as Kerala audiences had been thinking that the Malayalam cinema cannot come up with novel adaptations, Rajesh Pillai has come up with a movie that proves to be a surprise. The movie happens to be a milestone in the director’s career, and he has managed to win the hearts of the audience through this movie. After going through the reviews, we will know how the movie has managed to win the hearts of the audience.


The story has lives of several people getting intertwined, and for a noble purpose. The plot happens on an ominous day, September 16th. There is a congested road in Kochi, where the movie takes a plunge into the lives of individuals. Two buddies, Vineeth Sreenivasan and Asif Ali, are on their way to interview a mega actor, Rahman. As fate would have it, a rashly driven car hits the duo and claims their lives. Just a few feet across, in the same traffic signal, there is a doctor (done by Kunchacko Boban), and Sudevan, a cop who has assumed duty after being suspended on charges of corruption. Now, a connection develops between the individuals whose lives had not been connected in any way till then. Raihan succumbs to injuries in the hospital. Now, the heart becomes the precious asset for doctors who need it for heart transplantation. The heart is meant for transplantation for the actor’s daughter. The strange coincidence is that Vineeth Sreenivasan had been on his way to meet the actor, before he met with the accident and succumbed to fatal injuries. The doctors know that it is a herculean task to take the heart by road for transplantation. But, they feel it is worth a try. There are some interesting twists that happen in the course of the plot. Thus, the movie proves to be a seat-edge thriller.

Star Performances:

The performance by the actors is commendable. The movie has some female leads, such as Lena, Remya Nambeesan, Roma, Sandhya and Reena Basheer. Kunchacko Boban


The movie has come out with every aspect emerging impeccably. As the plot meanders ahead, one could observe the maturity in the director’s approach. His earlier movie, Hridayathil Sookshikkan, turned out to be a miserable failure. But, the movie ‘Traffic’, has compensated for the earlier shortcomings of the director. The script has been developed by Bobby and Sanjay, who are known for their class outputs in flicks like Ente Veedu Appoontem, and Note Book. They have dealt with a difficult plot in a wonderful manner. There are concurrent events, which have been interwoven in a plausible manner and the story does not defy the logic at any point of time. The movie is very crisp and has a run time that hardly comes to two hours. The movie has been edited by Mahesh Narayanan, and he deserves a salute for his wonderful editing.

What is there?

1. The movie has some scenes with aerial view to show traffic congestion. Here, the cinematography by Shyju Khalid is worth an applause.

2. The crisp editing by Mahesh Narayanan is worth a salute.

3. Music composition by Mejo Joseph and Samson Kottoor is of fine quality.

4. Background music adds to the impact made by the movie.

What is not there?

1. There is absolutely nothing to say against the movie.


It is a rare picture that leaves the audience feeling that many such efforts should be made.