Oruthee Movie Review

  • By: nettv4u.com
  • Review for the film: "Oruthee"
  • Runtime: 2 Hours 15 Minutes
  • Certificate: UA
  • Released: 18-03-2022
  • Genre: Drama
3.5 / 5.0

Oruthee is scripted by Suresh Babu and directed by VK Prakash. Navya Nair, “K P A C Lalitha,” “Vinayakan,” Drishya Dinesh, and Vipin Mangalashery are cast in prominent roles. Gopi Sundar composed the music. Jimshi Khalid cranked the camera and Lijo Paul edited the film.


Radhamani works as a ticket collector in a government boat. Her husband has no big job. She has to take care of her old mother and two school-going kids. Her meager income is not enough to run the family, yet she manages. One fateful day, her daughter falls sick due to food poisoning. Radha has to admit her to the hospital for treatment. As she didn’t have enough money, she had to pledge a gold necklace, which she bought from a renowned jewelry shop. What follows is shocking, and the rest of the story carries how she deals with the problem.

Star Performance

Navya has got a solid role to perform. Although she has minimized doing films, she was last seen in Drishya 2, a Kannada remake of Drishyam 2 with Ravichandran. After a huge wait, the Malayali audience has got an opportunity to witness her performance. As usual, she excelled well with her eye expressions and body language. The award-winning actress hadn’t disappointed the makers and the audience. Vinayakan is impressive with his performance. The rest of the cast has done what was required.


The director has taken a real-life story and made it well. He has executed neatly with the excellent performances of Navya, Vinayakan, and the rest of the cast. There are no cinematic exaggerations, but the emotions. The film emotionally connects well with the audience. The director showcased certain scenes well, including Radhamani’s sufferings for her family, the issues she faces after her daughter falls ill, the straightforward police, and his actions. Navya’s character is designed well, and she has gone deep into the character, and that’s the biggest plus point. The climax is predictable but not boring. The music, visuals, and editing are satisfying.

What’s There?

  • The performances of the stars are excellent
  • The story and execution are good

What’s Not There?

  • Predictable climax


Though the film comes with some predictable scenes, the director has executed the film well with a good script and the natural performances of the stars. For the beautiful Navya’s performance, the film is definitely watchable once!