My God Movie Review

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  • Review for the film: "My God"
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  • Runtime: 2 Hours 10 Minutes
  • Certificate: U
  • Released: 04-12-2015
  • Genre: Drama
2.25 / 5.0

We have witnessed films wherein children struggle to reach their goal. My God is one such attempt. Has it come out a winner Read to know more.


Adarsh is the youngest son in his family. He is very reclusive and though he has everything for a content life he is unhappy. The approach of his parents also takes a toll on his character. Being so, Adarsh is at ease in his friend’s house, and he feels that his friend’s mother is caring. It happens that Adarsh commits a grave offense and is sent to a juvenile court. Meanwhile, Adarsh becomes close to three people, a CEO, a child psychologist and a priest.  How does the life of Adarsh unfold later? Watch the movie to find out. 

Star Performance

Master Adarsh, as the introvert, does full justification to his role. Though Suresh Gopi doesn’t have much to perform he has done a good job. Honey Rose, Joh Mathew, and Srinivasan have done a neat job.


My God delves on the pressure that is put by the parents on children. Suresh Gopi is seen in a Malayalam movie after a long gap. The movie showcases the importance of efficient parental care. When the lead character Adarsh is not given proper love and care by his family, he is acquainted with three different people who make a positive change in his life. Director Mohanan could have avoided the documentary streak in this movie.

What’s there?

The theme of the movie is very good, and it has been presented in a convincing fashion, to a particular extent. 

What’s not there?

1.    For such powerful themes, the dialogues should be good. This movie fails in this aspect. 
2.    The movie moves very slowly. 
3.    Bijipal’s music is average.
4.    Screenplay by Geo Mathew could have been better. 


You can watch this movie for its powerful message.