Malikappuram Movie Review

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  • Review for the film: "Malikappuram"
  • Streaming on: Disney+Hotstar
  • Runtime: 2 Hours 01 Minutes
  • Certificate: U
  • Released: 30-12-2022
  • Genre: Drama
3.5 / 5.0

Malikappuram is scripted by Abhilash Pillai and directed by Vishnu Sasi Shankar. The film is produced by Neeta Pinto and Priya Venu. “Mammootty” narrates the film. Vishnu Narayan cranked the camera and editing is by Shameer Muhammed. Ranjin Raj composed the music. The film features Unni Mukundan, Baby Deva Nandha, Sreepath Yan, Saiju Kurup, Renji Panicker, Ramesh Pisharody, Manoj K. Jayan, Alphy Panjikkaran, Manohari Joy, “T G Ravi,” Sreejith Ravi, Sampath Ram, Thushara Pillai, Ajay Vasudev, Kalabhavan Jinto, and Aswathy Abhilash.


Kallu, the little girl who hears Swami Ayyappan stories from her grandmother, wishes to go to the Sabarimala temple. As she is 8 years, there is only a couple of years left for her to visit the temple. Her father, Ajayan, promised to take her to the temple, but he died due to unforeseen circumstances. Her grandmother moves to her daughter’s house, and the bank takes over the house for the unpaid loan by Kallu’s father. Soon, Kallu and her mother move to Unni’s place. He is Ajayan’s friend. Kallu and Unni’s son Piyush are friends, and Kallu wants to set out on a journey to Sabarimala without the knowledge of the elders. As she set her mind strong, Piyush decided to accompany her. During the trip on a bus to Sabarimala, they meet Mahi, a kidnapper, who tells them he will help them reach Sabarimala. Soon, Piyush finds something fishy and asks Kallu to cancel the trip and return to their home. But it didn’t happen, and soon, a person named Ayyappan boarded the bus and took care of the children. When they reach Sabarimala, Mahi asks his people to beat Ayyappan and kidnap the children. But, Ayyappan saves them and helps Kallu fulfill her wish. Who is Ayyappan? How did he board the bus? The rest of the film’s portion reveals that.

Star Performance

Unni Mukundan’s performance adds strong positivity to the film and helps reach a huge audience. The kids, Deva Nandha and Sreepath Yan, played exceptionally well.


The film is narrated in such a way that people who haven’t visited the Sabarimala temple would love to see the temple at once. This is a big plus to the film; thanks to the writer and director for making it perfect. The casting choices are perfect, and all the stars fit well in the characters. The BGM is excellent, and so does the visuals. Many kids who watch the film will definitely love to watch it again, as the film is made in such a way as to impress the kids.

What’s There?

  • Excellent performances by the kids and Unni Mukundan

What’s Not There?

  • There are a few mistakes, but they could be ignored


Malikappuram is a film for both kids and elders. If you love watching kids perform naturally, you’ll love the movie. The film holds the grip throughout and is watch-worthy!