Kanal Movie Review

2.25 / 5.0

One would tend to think that Kanal is a movie that primarily focuses on the recession (after seeing the beginning) but finally it happens to be of the thriller genre. 
The recession of America is indeed a setback for businesspeople Pratap Pothen and Atul Kulkarni. There are also the lives of Mohanlal, who works as an animator, and Anoop Menon, who is a journalist. These two bounce upon each other in a train travel. And how are Mohanlal and Anoop Menon related to each other? Watch the film to find out.
And what an actor Mohanlal is! He has that mass appeal that sometimes acts as the saving grace of the movie. He has delivered outstanding performance; he gives different shades of characters with equal panache.  Lalattan is sure to get whistles from his fans.But the main grievance is that this mass entertainer has been showcased as a womanizer. 
A journalist who is having a good side- that’s Anoop Menon for you in this film. He has indeed done justice to his role. He shares good chemistry with Lalattan. Atul Kulkarni has done an excellent job as the villain. Sheelu Abraham and Honey Rose’s performance is just average.
One would surely remember the recession that took place at the end of 2000s. This recession is only instrumental for the significant turn of events in the flick. 
The movie is good in bit and pieces.The main strength (or rather the weakness?) of the film is that it has several twists. The screenplay penned by Suresh Babu is engrossing. Ouseppachan’s music is not up to the mark.
Prithviraj has given voiceover for this movie. Director Padmakumar have emerged victorious in presenting a film of crime thriller genre. But the screenplay works as a negative aspect since it is dragging in the second half. But don’t be disheartened! The movie is sure to sit in your minds since all the thrilling aspects are placed relevantly. However, the flashback of Anantharaman could have been showcased in a much better manner. 
Certain scenes remind you of Hollywood flicks….but wait..I am not going to be spoilsport! You have got to watch the film to find out. 
Verdict: You can watch the movie once, mainly for Mohanlal.