John Honai Movie Review

1.5 / 5.0

John Honai didn’t create much buzz, and it has hit the screens silently. The name JohnHonai is quite familiar to the Malayalees. In the classic movie In Hariharan Nagar Rizabawa played John Honai, a role with negative shades. The character John Honai would be dead in the climax of In Hariharan Nagar. Now a movie with the same title John Honai has hit the screens. If the audiences expect that a sequel was made to the movie In Hariharan Nagar, they will turn disappointed. The movie has just taken the name of John Honai perhaps to gain some curiosity from the audiences.


Honai (Siddique) is a  baddie in the movie, and he is seen loitering around with two silly friends Kalabhavan Shaju and Kottayam Naseer. They stay in Dubai for the purpose of getting back a huge amount that they had lost to three people. 

Star Performances

The actors just do what is required of them. But the storyline is so weak that good acting cannot save the movie. 

What’s there?

In certain movies, the folly can be accepted and in John Honai, it manages to capture one’s attention only to a small degree.

What’s not there?

1.    There is no well-etched storyline for the movie. 
2.    Alex Paul’s music is a letdown.
3.    The comedy element is not up to the mark.


The movie has all the known faces from the classic In Hariharan Nagar, but that’s it; they don’t get to play the similar characters here. One wonders why the female character Malavika is being added in the movie. The real question is what the director had in mind while making this film. He had just used the classic name and had tried to infuse some curiosity in the minds of the viewers. Also, when it comes to the real movie, there is nothing special about it. Most of the actors are wasted, and they just pop in between the scenes. The movie has various actors from the small screen and the way that they try to evoke laughter doesn’t really go well. T A Thaufeek, the director, could have worked well with the presentation of the movie. 


Nothing great about this movie.