Jo And The Boy Movie Review

  • Review for the film: "Jo And The Boy"
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  • Runtime: 2 Hours 17 Minutes
  • Certificate: U
  • Released: 24-12-2015
  • Genre: Comedy
2.75 / 5.0

Movies with different themes are made in Mollywood now and then. While some manage to strike the right chord with the audience, some fail. Has Jo and the Boy, which has a novel theme, turned a winner? Read more to find out. 


Manju Warrier plays one of the title roles and in this film, she is full of vigor. Manju is not the one for the 9 to 5 job. She is a computer teacher, and inspirational messages adorn her house. She aspires to create a comic character who can converse with people like you and me. Her parents are very affectionate. And when the child prodigy Sanoop enters Manju’s life it takes a new turn. While Sanoop is highly matured for his age, Manju is quite opposite. What change does Sanoop do in Manju’s life? Have Manju’s dreams fructified? Watch the movie to know the answer.

Star Performances

The Manju Warrier that we used to love in the movies of heydays is back. She is not trouble-stricken here unlike a couple of her earlier movies; she is at her zealous best. In fact, she is very much comfortable with her character. And for the child Sanoop, he does his best. Lalu Alex, as the good-natured father, does a great job. Kalaranjini is good with her comic timing in the movie. Actors like Sudheer Karamana, Pearle Maaney, Rekha Menon, Sunil Sukhadha, etc. have done what is required of them.


Friendship is always the much-hyped yet genuine relationship found in this world. And Jo and the Boy deals with friendship in a different manner. Also, it motivates one to dream high and brave against all odds in life. 
Director Rojin Thomas has also written the story of the movie. He has done a convincing job and has emerged a winner in dealing with an altogether novel theme. 

What’s there?

1.  The first half progresses at a good pace.
2.  There is some magical novelty in this movie.
3.  The screenplay of the film deserves special mention. 
4.  The dialogues strike the right chord with the audience. 
5.  Neil D’ Cunha’s cinematography maintains a fair balance between reality and fancy. 
6.  Rahul Subramaniam’s music is average. 

What’s not there?

1.  This is the oft-used term for minus; yes..the movie is in predictable lines. 
2.  Comedy could have been handled well. 
3.  The second half of the movie drags. 
4.   Sometimes we feel as though there is exaggerated motivation in the movie. 
5.   The characters of the antagonists could have been crafted better. 


You can watch Jo and the Boy for its freshness.