22 Female Kottayam Movie Review

3 / 5.0

Plot: 22 Female Kottayam is about a 22-year-old young girl Tessa who is raped and cheated on and plans on taking revenge on them. Tessa is a nursing student at Bangalore and wishes to move to Canada in future. Tessa falls in love with Cyril from the travel agent firm. One day when Tessa is alone, Cyril’s boss Hedge rapes Tessa, but she decides to let the situation go and move to Canada. Some time later he rapes Tessa again but this time, she decides that she will not leave without taking revenge.

Cyril then discusses the situation with Hedge, who appoints him to murder Tessa. They trap Tessa in a drug crime, and even when Tessa calls Cyril for help, he does not respond. She realizes that it was a plan that Cyril and Hedge had from the beginning. When in prison Tessa meets Zubeida, who helps her to arrange how to kill Hedge. Tessa takes the help of DK to accomplish her task of killing Hedge, and she is successful at it. Later Tessa reaches Cochin pretending to be a model and meets Cyril.

At night she manages to sedate him and takes revenge on him. On coming to know what she had done, he reveals to her the reason why he was the way he is. Tessa does not take any other revenge on him but makes him promise that they have to even the score and finally leaves for Canada cutting off all her ties with them. The film deals with the revenge Tessa plans on everyone who has betrayed her and used her.

Analysis: The film is a very brave attempt made by all the members involved with it. The director Aashiq Abu has done an excellent job in the way he has presented the film to viewers. The film is made with a lot of sincerity. Shyju Khalid has used his skill immensely well to make the film more challenging but powerful. The script has a lot of potencies which is by Abhilash S Kumar and Shyam Pushkaran. However, it is also criticized for contradicting the very concept of the film.

The film still shows the modern world seeing women from the view point of desire and not respect. In the end, the film still ends with the concept of male dominance though it started off as a woman-centric one. The music by Bijibal and Rex Vijayan is done well and suits the atmosphere. The song ‘chillan’ which is the title track stays with the viewers for a long time. The film has a strong story though the idea deviates at the end. The rest of the movie pretty much focuses on its concept which in itself is very challenging.

Star performances: Rima Kallingal plays the lead role, Tessa. 22 Female Kottayam is the best performance one has seen her in till now. She plays the character of a strong woman who seeks revenge for the injustice done to her. She undoubtedly does a stunning performance and suits her part very well. This role is the best that she has done so far. Aashiq Abu as the director can bring out the best in her performance. It is interesting to watch her gradually evolve in the film from a simple girl who falls in love easily to the undeterred, strong minded one. Fahadh Faasil as Cyril also plays an impressive part in this woman-centric film where stands out as a young entrepreneur.

The way he carries out his role shows his efficiency as an artist. Prathap Pothen as Hedge as done a pretty remarkable job. Other supporting actors like Sathaar as DK and Rashmi Sathish as Zubeida also do full justice to their roles. Overall, the film has shows very skilled acting, and each of them has done their very best.

What’s there?

The story is very moving with real life emotions portrayed. The acting by all the actors is applauding.

What’s not there?

1. There should be more focus on some important parts which is overlooked. The film somehow seems contradictory.

2. Though it is woman-centric, it still lays emphasis on the idea of a male-dominated world.

3. The film also handled the situation in a sort of immature way which should be handled more seriously.

4. What is criticized the most is in spite of being betrayed, Tessa ultimately leaves everything behind and goes away.

Verdict: It a very challenging film to watch and at the end you appreciate it immensely. Apart from the story, the acting is too watchable. It is certainly not to miss.