Uppi 2 Movie Review

3.5 / 5.0

Uppi 2 is the sequel of the movie Upendra. Actor Upendra, Kristina Akheeva and Parul Yadav were in the lead roles in the movie Upendra. This is the second film directed by Upendra. The role of Upendra has turned from Naanu (I) to Neenu (you) in this movie.

Plot: Neenu (Upendra) is a selfless and a happy person, who does not think about his future, nor feels bad about his past. This character of Upendra attracts Lakshmi (played by Kristina Akheeva), who is a psychology student. She follows him now and then to know about his life, and finally she falls in love with him, without caring about his background. Meanwhile, an underworld don will be in a search of Neenu (Upendra). How he wins the don and starts his life with Lakshmi is the rest of the story. In this movie Upendra also plays the role of Aghori Baba and pairs up with Parul Yadav.

Review: Uppi 2 is a psychological thriller as Upendra (1999). The film has lots of twists and turns and keeps the audience satisfied till the end. Kristina Akheeva, who made her entry to the Sandalwood industry with this film, has brought her role to the perfect. Though Parul Yadav was seen here and there, she made her appearance beautiful on the screen. On the technical side, Upendra has brought his brilliance through his script, direction and action. Gurukiran, who composed the music for the movie Upendra has given hit songs for this film too, and all the songs have become a visual treat for the audiences.

Uppi 2 is must watch movie for Upendra’s perfect action!