Titlu Beka Movie Review

  • By: nettv4u.com
  • Review for the film: "Titlu Beka "
  • Runtime: 2 Hours 15 Minutes
  • Certificate: U
  • Released: 09-10-2015
  • Genre: Action, Romance
2 / 5.0

Plot: The film Title Beka is the story of struggle and hardship in life. The film has a good concept. The story concentrates on the life of an assistant director who struggles to make it big in life. The director Anand GK has shown the film from his point of view. He exhibits the amount of problems the protagonist has to face to fulfill his dreams and make something of his life. There is a lot of sentimental attachments in the film. The rest of the movie continues about what the protagonist does about the situation he faces and how he overcomes it.

The protagonist faces difficulties and every action has some effect in his life which may either be good for him or may destroy his life. The most important part of the film is how he faces the challenges and comes out of them. Whether the protagonist can be victorious and successful in what he desires or not is the actual suspense of the film.

Analysis: Although the story is pretty simple yet it is different. The film has a lot of sincerity. Moreover, nothing in the movie is in extremes. It has an adequate quantity of love, action as well as the sentiment which makes it impressive. The director, Anand GK has almost displayed his feelings and ideas through the movie. As a result, it appears very real. In his directorial debut, Anand has done a pretty good job. It is on account of the fact that he has seen the struggle of the protagonist on real terms than just imagining them.

The film has a lot of emotions in it. The music is by Robin Paul is also good enough. The cinematography too has been done well. As far as dialogues and dubbing skills are concerned, it could have been better to some extent. The most appreciative aspect of the film is the story itself which is simple and very different.

Star Performances: Ayush plays the lead role in the movie which is also his debut. The acting could be more skillful at some parts where he seems to have become weak. Neha Patil, who plays the role of a young, charming and flirtatious girl, is pretty confident about her role. However, there was more acting expected from her. As newcomers, the two have still done a pretty good performance. Manasi, Krishna, Vishwanath, Amith, and Tonnarelli also have vital roles. The only negative thing is that the actors turn out to look false at some parts. They could have made their performances look more real.

What’s there? The story is pretty straightforward and pleasant. Anand GK has portrayed the story of the struggling assistant director very well. The movie does not exaggerate in any way. It has romance, sentiments, and even action but all in limits. The movie has a good message and can even appeal to youngsters a lot.

What’s not there? There should have had more skilled acting.

Verdict: It is a pretty nice movie to watch. It can be inspiring to some as well. Very real to life, with a simple story, it is very appealing.