Ramarjuna Movie Review

3 / 5.0

Ramarjuna is scripted and directed by Anish Tejeshwar. Besides directing the film, he plays the lead role along with Nishvika Naidu. Pramod Shetty, Rangayana Raghu, Harish Raj and Giri Shivanna play supporting roles.


Ram lives in a slum and he works for an insurance company. He has been helping the people in his area and leading a happy life. But, there comes a situation that risks the lives of his people. What is that situation and what is Ram’s decision to save his people? The rest of the film answers these questions.

Star Performance

Anish did his best in acting and action sequences. Nishvika is cool and her performance is neat.


The film is a mass entertainer with romantic and comedy elements that are necessary for a masala script. Anish looks good in the role and his direction is neat too. Characters are designed well and everyone fits well in their roles. The action scenes are choreographed perfectly and are a treat to action movie lovers. Although it is his first film as a director, Anish rocked it. Cinematography is laudable and so does the BGM.

What’s There?

  • Story, screenplay and direction are good
  • The performance of the stars are neat

What’s Not There?

  • Action sequences are repetitive


Ramarjuna is a complete action thriller specially designed for action movie lovers. If you are an action movie fan, then you would like this film.