Mana Mechida Bangaru Movie Review

  • Review for the film: "Mana Mechida Bangaru"
  • Runtime: 2 Hours 32 Minutes
  • Certificate: U
  • Released: 30-10-2015
  • Genre: Action
1.5 / 5.0

It is a surprise as to how a senior director as Om Saiprakash (with over 98 films to his credit) has not lived up to his expectations. Now when new directors are proving their mettle, seniors like Om Saiprakash also can work on good scripts; he could have surely presented a film which the suits the tastes of the current generation. And to say that the movie is made in a budget of 2.5 crores!


Bangaru is a mechanic and his fight against Ravishanker, a brothel owner, is the essence of the film. To add to the routineness of the movie, Ravishanker is supported by an evil cop. And there is the girl Roja, who is safeguarded by Bangaru from the hands of Maharani. 

Star Performances

Bangaru could have selected a better script. However, he manages to deliver decent performance. His height acts for him, and he does well in action scenes. Roja, who debuts with this movie, has been the find of the year. Ravi Shanker, who enacts the role of an eunuch, has nothing new to deliver.He just does what is required of him. Sadhu Kokila's comedy is ok. Shobaraj, as the cunning cop, does a neat job. 

What's there?

1. Giri and Narayan, who has handled the camera, brings life to the film. 
2. The film has all the necessary elements of a mass entertainer.
3. The production values are outstanding. 
4. Music of K Kalyan is great. BGM is also good. 

What's not there?

1. The film is the familiar story of an already experimented subject. 
2. Hanumanthu Bangaru's acting could have been better. 
3. There is not good pace in the flick.
4. Powerful dialogues which suits the action hero are missing. 
5. The screenplay is shoddy.


Though the film has all the elements of a mass entertainer, it works only in bits and pieces.