Last Bus Movie Review

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  • Runtime: 2 Hours 11 Minutes
  • Certificate: U
  • Released: 15-01-2016
  • Genre: Thriller
3.75 / 5.0

Whether there are really ghosts in the movie or not is up to the audience to decide. They can either zero in the horror effect on real ghosts or relating to the mind. 


Individuals from different walks of life are in the wait for the last bus in an isolated place. And they are amidst dense forests. The individuals are indeed happy when the last bus reaches their area. But much to their dismay, the bus opts for a less journeyed road, and six of the passengers make up their minds to go back rather than going ahead with the journey. And what happens to these people? Well, I don’t want to unfold the rest of the story. 

Star Performances

Every actor including Avinash, Deepa Gowda, Manasa Joshi, Megashree Bhagvathar, etc. have done full justice to their roles. Prakash Belawadi, though in a brief role, deserves mention. There are many debutants in the movie.


Debutante director Arvind S D, who has also handled the script of the movie, is sure of what genre he is handling and has done a commendable job. The Last Bus is a perfect fodder for the matured inclination of the viewers.  Fear is the real hero of the movie, and the director has done full justice to this fear. This movie is filmed in the vicinity of the scenic Malnad area. 

What’s there?

  • You will be anticipating as to what will happen in the next scene, throughout the entire film.
  • The movie is well executed.
  • The visuals are commendable. 
  • The editing of the movie is done in an astute manner. 
  • The BGM of Stephen Prayog gels well with the tempo of the movie.
  • Aravind S D’s music is apt, and the song Doori Doori deserves special mention. 
  • The graphics in the movie is appealing. 
  • The twist in the movie will keep the audience hooked to the seats. 
  • The locales are very realistic, thanks to the excellent work of cinematographer Anant Urs. 

What’s not there?

The movie seems to be quite dragging, but that is compensated by the advantages of the movie. 


This bus is worth traveling.