Gimmick Movie Review

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  • Review for the film: "Gimmick"
  • Runtime: 2 Hours 33 Minutes
  • Certificate: UA
  • Released: 16-08-2019
  • Genre: Comedy, Horror
3 / 5.0

Gimmick” is a horror flick directed by Naganna. The film produced by Deepak Samidurai has the music composition by Arjun Janya. Vignesh Vasu cranked the camera and Suresh Urs edited the film. The film has the cast of “Ganesh,” Ronica Singh, Guru Dutt, Mandya Ramesh, “Shobaraj,” Ravishankar Gowda and Vijay Chendur.


Gani is a happy-go-lucky guy. Rani is a wrestler. While Gani is from a poor background, Rani hails from a wealthy family. Gani and Rani fall for each other. Rani’s father didn’t accept their love. But, Rani is keen in marrying Gani. So, Rani’s father tricks to cut their relationship. He invites Gani and his family to a haunted house. All his family members, who were attacked by the supernatural power, want to vacate the house. But, Gani, who didn’t have the belief in such things, make his family stay there in the house. Did he prove that they are not supernatural things? Did he marry Rani? Watch the film in theaters!

Star Performance

Ganesh excelled in his role. Ronica Singh is a template heroine. The rest of the stars played what is necessary for their roles.


The film is the official remake of the Tamil film, Dhillukku Dhuddu. The people who didn’t watch the original might find this interesting. This is different from that of the usual horror-comedy movies. The original film was a super hit in Tamil with hilarious comedy. Ganesh’s chocolate boy image goes missing. Yet, he had done his best in the horror-comedy film. The film has a lot of hilarious moments and Ganesh makes his fan entertain with his body language and dialogue delivery. The VFX works are quite decent. The visuals and BGM are good.

What’s There?

  • The stars had performed well
  • Ganesh’s body language and dialogues
  • VFX works

What’s Not There?

  • Fans might miss Ganesh’s romantic scenes


The film is a different horror-comedy thriller that not only entertains Ganesh fans but the general audience too.