Chandrika Movie Review

1.5 / 5.0

Another predictable ghost story in the lines of Chandramukhi. That’s what Chandrika is all for you. This film has an exemplary performance by Sree Mukhi. Her acting is par excellence; it is fierce in several scenes. The glamour quotient of Kamna Jethmalani is utilized well. She exhibits various expressions with good prowess. The scenes in which she shares screen space with the ghost are captured well. Girish Karnad dons the role of a celebrated painter, but his dialogues are plain.

Plot: The hero of the flick is a renowned poet and he reflects his poetic fervor on his wife. Jayaram Karthik plays the shrewd businessman, who is inspired by his wife Shilpa. He is also a service-minded person. After purchasing a haveli as a loving gift for his wife, it dawns on him that the haveli is indeed haunted and his loving spouse is possessed. Watch the film to know the intentions of the ghost. Though the story is not quite new, it should be applauded for the stellar performances of the Kamna Jethmalani and Sree Mukhi. Chandrika is nostalgic and reminisces Chandamukhi. The plot itself would reveal that the story is a much-tested one. The audience would surely be longing for novelty in horror flicks and to their dismay would find that this film is also the routine one.

Background score (which is the primary essential of a horror movie) and ghastly music are terrifying. Screenplay is good. The movie lags in the second half. Sometimes, the plot is in predictable lines. The love between the lead pair is sprinkled with poetry. However, the fighting sequences are old-fashioned and you wonder why the filmmakers are not rising to the occasion with novelty. There are only a couple of novel scenes in the film. The art work is commendable. The production value of the flick is rich.

Verdict: Poor storyline and lack of novelty makes this film a lackluster one. However, the performances of Kamna and Sree Mukhi salvage the film.