Bicchugatthi Movie Review

3 / 5.0

Bicchugatthi is directed by Santhu. The movie has Rajavardhan, Dingri Nagaraj, Kalakeya “Prabhakar,” Ramesh Pandit, Sharath Lohitashwa and “Haripriya” in the cast. The movie is an adaptation of Palegars of Chitradurga, a book written by BL Venu.


In a Kingdom, a king who had to be strong is frail and the commander in chief is not a trustworthy person and is very cunning. How Bicchugatthi Barma stands against Dalavayi Muddana forms the core theme of the story.

Star Performance

Rajavardhan has done a good job. His performance is perfect and impresses the audience. Haripriya is excellent and in emotional scenes, she is fantastic. Prabhakar is a menacing villain and he has done a great job.


The script is good and the screenplay is engaging too. Coming to the narration, the director should have taken a bit more care in it. The stars are a perfect fit for the story. The casting team has done a great job. But if the director and concentrated well the emotional content, it would have come out better. Similarly, the dubbing for Prabhakar is not impressive.

What's There?

  • The script and screenplay are good
  • Performances of the stars are impressive

What's Not There?

  • Execution should have been better


The movie will impress the historic film lovers. But, if the execution had been better, it would have reached heights. However, the film is definitely watchable once!