Badmaash aka Badmash Movie Review

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  • Review for the film: "Badmaash"
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  • Runtime: 2 Hours 04 Minutes
  • Certificate: U
  • Released: 18-11-2016
  • Genre: Romantic Thriller
2.5 / 5.0

Badmaash, starring Dhananjay and Sanchita Shetty amongst others, has hit the screens now. Let’s see how Badmaash has turned out.


The movie has different plots which is also laced with politics And there would surely be a love angle too right? So we have the love story between a conman and an RJ. Watch the movie Badmaash to know how it proceeds.

Star Performances

Dhananjay looks good on screen and shows his caliber in both dancing and action scenes. One wonders why Sanchita Shetty’s role is brief, given that it is intriguing. Achyut Kumar does a convincing job.


Aakash Srivastava debuts with this flick as a director and though the film is laced with all the mass elements, the elements could have been blended properly.

What’s there?

• The initial scenes of the movie are promising. And so is the last few scenes.

• The screenplay of Badmaash is commendable.

• The songs are quite good.

What’s not there?

• As the movie progresses we tend to get bored.

• The editing of Badmaash could have been better.

The songs could have been placed in an appropriate manner. 


If you are interested in a commercial potboiler then Badmaash may interest you.