Arjuna Movie Review

1.5 / 5.0

A seemingly innocent guy getting trapped in the guiles and viles of the society; this is the age-old plot which has been centered in many films including the recent flick Arjuna. Now most of the movies have a gripping first half, but a dragging second half. Arjuna is also no exception to this. It’s high time that directors try to rectify this.

 Plot: Arjuna is shown as a very good guy with great conscience. There is no clue for his dealing with a murder. But when the murder news opens up, Arjuna becomes uneasy, which deepens ACP Verma’s doubt. As said before, the director does his job in a good manner in the first half. But the second half betrays us. The suspense eventually ends up in losing its flavor. The real reason for Arjuna’s transformation could have been handled well.

Devaraj comes out with a splendid performance. Prajwal, his real life offspring, has imbibed his role to a good extent and does it commendably. Bhama comes only in few scenes in the film, but does a neat job. The film has its share of double meaning dialogues and they do nothing to make you smile. Dynamic’s Star Devaraj’s stunts are just ok.

On the technical side, the major strength of the film is its background music and music. Arjun Janya, the music director, has given great music which is very essential for films of such genre. Revenge, killing and mystery are all interspersed in this action thriller with sufficient amount of politics. But in order to bring a smile in the audiences’ face the film should be balanced. Hope the filmmakers understand this. In fact, too many elements don’t necessarily make a good film.

Verdict: A revenge thriller which was promising initially loses balance midway. This movie can be watched once.

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