Titli Movie Review

4.25 / 5.0

For those who are familiar with the offensive side of corrupt society, this film will surely hit the bull's eyes. 


The gripping story of survival, broken dreams, and emotional failures..these are all in Titli. Here is a family that is full of chaos and confusion and during your stay in the theater you will surely feel the film in your bones. 
This movie centres around the lives of three brothers. Titli, the youngest of them all, dreams big, and hence wants to distance himself from his evilt siblings. But the father doesn't seem to be interested in the welfare of his sons (and pays a deaf ear to the elder ones' illicit activities) and just is satisfied with the money they give. The hard-hitting reality is this; the family doesn't have enough income, and hence they succumb to crime. And our poor Titli is a danger, right? So he is being married to determined Neetu. And this girl has her ambitions. How will the couple face the odds?
Titli, as the name suggests, want to fly. But he is not able to break free. He is caught in a world of a felony and is only wanting to set free. 


Some scenes hit the bull's eyes. For example, the family can afford to get Titli married, but they cannot afford a garage space for Titli. This itself is enough to show what type of family they are.  There are no women in the family until Shivani walks in (she is the only "different" character in the film and how she performs man!). And the way in which the family claims that they give respect for women is something ponderable since the actions don't complement with the talk. 

Star Performances

The onscreen couple Shashank Arora and Shivani Raghuvanshi fit the bit to the T. Ranveer Shorey, with his grey shades, is just perfect. And not to miss Lalit Behl, who has mastered his role.

What's there?

1. The characters are well-etched.

2. The production values of Parul Sondh is outstanding.

3. There is a different touch of family values in this film, compared to other conventional Bollywood films. Families are not alway selfless; they too have their share of dark sides. This is genuinely shown in this flick. 

4. Sharat Kataria's and Kanu Behl's story is outstanding. Though it is unapologetic it surely sits in your minds. 

What's not there?

1. The flick depicts the hard realities of life so genuinely that it ends up being pessimistic sometimes. This may be his advantage or drawback.


If you really have the guts to taste the stark reality of the underbelly of Delhi, just book your ticket.