Murder 3-a hat trick of Murders! Movie Review

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  • Review for the film: "Murder 3"
  • Runtime: 2 Hours 04 Minutes
  • Certificate: A
  • Released: 15-02-2013
  • Genre: Thriller
2.75 / 5.0

In this, the third offering in the “Murder” series from the house of Bhatts there would obviously be a quota of expectations, coming on the heels of the success of the first two versions. What differentiates Murder 3 is the larger quantum of emotional and psychological drama, and it also features two female protagonists for a change, although, in this next generation production, the onus is on director Vishesh Bhatt to carry the success forward.

Plot: As far as the plot is concerned, this is the Indianised version of an earlier Spanish movie, “The Hidden Face” and the lead character in this Indianised version is played by Randeep Hooda, in the character of a fashion cum wild life photographer, called Vikram. The film starts with the breaking of Vikram’s relationship with his first girlfriend Roshni, played adequately by Aditi Rao Hydari. The disconsolate Vikram while drowning his sorrows in the bar initiates a new relationship with Nisha, a role played by Sara Loren. As the relationship develops, Nisha moves in with Vikram, but to make matters worse for him, Vikram becomes a prime suspect in the disappearance of Roshni. It also comes to light that Roshni was suspicious from the beginning about Vikram’s alleged relations with a colleague of his. Complications continue when it is found that Roshni was actually hiding secretly in Vikram’s house and gets accidently locked inside. When Nisha comes to know this, she is in a dilemma whether to release her or leave her in that state, jealous as she is of Roshni’s previous dalliance with Vikram. Although she releases Roshni, the latter does not reciprocate this gesture but, on the contrary, keeps Nisha locked in the room. After some tortuous twists and turns, the story ends with Vikram behind bars and Roshni driving away into the distant horizon. While there are enough of glossy visuals due to the presence of glamorous actresses and attractive settings ably captured by the camera of Sunil Patel, where the film gets into bumps is in its attempt to squeeze in too many incidents due to a crammed storyline.

As far as acting, Ranveer is matched by an equally exquisite Aditi Rao Hydari, who besides her photogenic qualities adds enough substance in her portrayal adding just the right amount of anger and frustration as a cheated woman and conveying just the proper emotions without it appearing labored. Amongst other things, Raju Singh’s background musical score keeps pace with the happenings quite appropriately, while Pritam’s contribution in the songs portion is in itself noteworthy though like all other action movies songs are really not the ideal foil. While those who have seen the first two of the Murder series, the temptation to achieve a hat-trick viewing may be quite logical, but even for others less initiated to the Bhatt originals, the fast pace, the twist and turns and the sheer cosmetics may be worth not missing out on.

Verdict: Overall, it may herald a good beginning for Vishesh, the latest in the Bhatt clan. 

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