Keep Safe Distance Movie Review

1.25 / 5.0

Keep Safe Distance is directed by Rama Mehra. The movie has the star cast of Shahbaz Khan, Jai Yadav, Adi Irani, Vikas Anand, Kiran Kumar, Anil Nagrath, Pradeep Kabra and Monika Ravan.


ACP Vijay is an honest cop and he had been targeting the gangsters and finishes off them and tries to make the system clean. He is a bit violent than the other cops and it is just to put the criminals behind the bars. Did he succeed in his goal? The film speaks the rest.

Star Performance

The stars did what they are asked to do. The veteran actors had been used to do the stereotypical roles.


The film has nothing new in its script and screenplay. The narration is not up to the mark. The stars are not given the right roles. The veterans are merely wasted. The music is not impressive. Similarly, the editing is unimpressive. At least, if the narration had been good, then it would have been watchable at least, once.

What’s There?

  • Nothing to be mentioned as positive

What’s Not There?

  • Script, screenplay and narration are not impressive
  • Music and editing is not up to the mark


The film carries a lot of negatives and if you missed this, don’t feel much!

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