Airlift Movie Review

4 / 5.0

Airlift will not bring a lump to your throat nor does it make you cry. Then what does it exactly do? Itt ells things in a straight-forward manner without any melodrama. But again, it manages to strike the right chord in you. That’s where the success of the movie lies.


During August 1990, about 1,70,000 Indians were stranded in Kuwait, which was raided by Iraq. Ranjit Katyal, who likes to see profit in his business, doesn’t have any great feeling for his home country, India. Also, he is affluent enough to move away from Kuwait with his wife and daughter. But he doesn’t do so. He sees to it that 1,70,000 Indians are also safe. 

Star Performances

Akshay Kumar has delivered a restrained performance. It can very well be said that this is one of his outstanding performances to date. The way in which his character grasps the seriousness of the situation slowly but steadily is shown by Akshay in an exemplary manner. As for Nimrat Kaur, she has done a convincing job as the wife who also follows suit of her husband, though was initially skeptical about his mission. Prakash Belawadi is one actor, who should be watched out for, after his sterling performance as a sarcastic man, in Airlift. Purab Kohli has given a neat performance and speaks a lot with his eyes. Kumud Mishra, as the dedicated officer in Delhi, does a commendable job.


The tight walk rope for the filmmakers, when they make real life stories, is to see to it that it is neither exaggerated nor melodramatic. Raja Krishna Menon, the director of Airlift, succeeds in making a film on an unsung hero. There is a sense of prudence in every scene, and the script is written in a sharp manner. The movie is all about the disgusting effect of military heroics on the common people. At the end, of the movie, we learn that the character Ranjith Katyal is inspired by two men who were instrumental in the biggest military evacuation.

What’s there?

  • The movie is gripping all the way.
  • The movie is executed well by the director. 
  • The editing is par excellence. 
  • Unlike most of the Bollywood films, the reality is the hero of Airlift. 
  • Priya Seth’s cinematography is commendable. 
  • Comedy is not sprinkled in the movie just for the sake of it. 

What’s not there?

The second half seems to lack little pace. 


The film is engrossing throughout. Watch it and experience its realism.