404 Movie Review

3.5 / 5.0

We know a lot of psychological thrillers in Hollywood. But a psychological thriller in Bollywood? Well, there have been several unsuccessful attempts here, and that’s the reason, this film must deliver its expectations as the horror fans are highly accustomed to high-profile Hollywood ones.


Scientists, or in more general, Science freaks never believe in God, or to put in this way, they don't believe in things which cannot be explained science and logic. Professor Anirudh (Nishikant Kamat) falls in this category. Rumors reveal that the room number 404 of the professor’s institution is being haunted by the student’s ghost, who committed suicide there. Abhimanyu (Rajvvir Aroraa), a student who is rational always, occupies that haunted room. He begins to experience unusual and strange happenings from the day he occupies that room. With Abhimanyu being rational, and Professor Anirudh ignoring the supernatural causes and looking out for logic, what is the real thing that is causing this? What happens to the occupant? The Professor? Is it the ghost? Watch the film to find out.


Each and every actor in this movie has done a wonderful job. None in the cast is popular, but they have delivered it perfectly. The expression on their faces, the rational debate, which creates keeps carrying the story, and the perfect reactions from their bodies, puts this on the Hollywood level.


The main highlight of the movie is the excellent background score by Imaad Shah and team, which creates the much-required suspense and puts us on the edge of the seat. The art director must be appreciated in person, for creating the perfect horror environment. And the actors, who are yet to make an impression, have made it in this movie. Also, excellent cinematography with scary camera angles and harsh lights makes us bite the nail.


Strictly speaking, there are no negatives in the film. The only place where the movie could have been much better is in the climax. Lengthy climax with an unnecessary melodramatic act makes the audience pack their bags.


Hollywood is considered as the highest level for the movies. People think that all Hollywood movies are much better than the Indian movies. This film proves it wrong. Adding to that, it's much better than that. This is one of the best psychological thrillers in the current age not only in India, but in the world and is a sure treat for all the horror fans.

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