Obvious Child Movie Review

  • By: nettv4u.com
  • Review for the film: "Obvious Child "
  • Runtime: 1 Hour 24 Minutes
  • Certificate: A
  • Released: 17-01-2014
  • Genre: Comedy
3.2 / 5.0

Writer – director Gillian Robespierre’s “Obvious Child” has been derived from her own 2009 short. It has drawn zealous response from Sundance audiences as well as indignation from anti- abortionists. This too, comes with the forlorn buzz of being labelled as the foremost “abortion comedy”, partly because it’s a comedy that predominantly deals with abortion. However, that being said, the approach is not glib or unrefined at any stage of the movie.

This is a film that is about the characterization of its main cast, the flow of conversations, out-of-the-blue moments, and the sudden touches of emotional outpouring that act as a pitfall. The movie is like a treacherous storm: full of ideas to be conveyed and emotions to be expressed. It handles with the themes of arrested development, needing to mature and to accept your own responsibilities, but “Obvious Child” is not clumsy with these themes.

Jenny Slate plays Donna Stern, a pursuant standup comedian who spends her evenings estranging audiences with her vivid observations on topics ranging from sex to religion. She prides herself in being able to talk about absolutely anything and everything on stage, including the haphazard pregnancy that came with a one night stand with a boy named Max (Jake Lacy).

Abortion is still regarded as a taboo all around the world, particularly in developing countries; but Gillian Robespierre’s straightforward romantic comedy remains good natured as it flies the flag for women’s rights. The sheer depth of the storyline along with the anatomization of all characters paints a remarkably brilliant picture in complex hues. It puts a frank twist on the usual dewy-eyed generic template.