Fright Night Movie Review

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  • Review for the film: "Fright Night"
  • Runtime: 1 Hour 46 Minutes
  • Certificate: A
  • Released: 19-08-2011
  • Genre: Comedy, Horror
3.5 / 5.0

Fright Night is an American movie released in 2011. It was a comedy horror movie. The director Craig Gillespie made a remarkable movie in the film industry. Tom Holland wrote the script of the movie. The star cast was Anton Yelchin, Christopher MintzPlasse, David Tennant, Colin Farrell and many more. The first premiere of was held at The O2 on 14th August2011 in London. It was officially released in Real D 3D on 19th August by Touchstone Pictures in the United States. Michael De Luca and Alison Rosenzweig were the producers of the Fright Night. Walt Disney Studios and Motion Pictures presented and distributed this movie all over the world. The total budget required for the making of the Fright Night was 30 million US dollars. The movie was a hit at the box office and made earnings of 41 million US dollars.


The story was based on a teenage boy named Charley Brewster, who lived in the suburbs of Las Vegas with his family, and his best friend, Edward Lee, was also in his neighborhood. Charley gets a new neighbor called Jerry, who according to Ed is a vampire, and the research of Ed on Jerry was real. Jerry was a vampire, and he was biting and killing every other person in the city. Charley abandons Ed to join some other group of popular kids. Jerry discovers  that this is Ed’s weakness and manipulates him to become a vampire. Jerry kills the parents of Peter, a friend of Charley. Charley finds out the secret of Jerry and Jerry burns his house down. Charley, Peter, and Amy- Charley’s girlfriend- somehow escape from the accident and decide to hunt down Jerry. They go to Jerry’s house and find his victims. Ed and Jerry attack them.  Ed gets killed when he gets stabbed in the heart. Amy was also kissed and bitten by Jerry, and then she becomes a vampire and attacks Charley and Peter. In the end, Charley gets success in killing Jerry, and all of his victims go back to their real forms.


The story by Tom Holland under the direction of Craig Gillespie was a remake of the original Fright Night, which is an all time classic movie. The remake of the original Fright Night in 2011 was earlier considered unnecessary, but it turned out to be a super hit movie. The critics appreciated the work and screenplay of the classic vampire movie. The movie received enormous compliments, such as the Best Wide Release Film: 2012 and Best Horror Movie: 2011.

Star Performance

Anton Yelchin did true justice to his character. His acting was great, and he was appreciated a lot for his dialogue delivery. Working with eminent costars like Christopher Mintz Plasse, David Tennant, and Colin Farrell, the movie went to great heights, and the stars worked hard to touch the standards of the original Fright Night movie. The characters of Charley, Ed and Jerry, were played successfully by the actors. The critics appreciated the execution of the movie with a cast of great actors.

The film gained lots of appraisals, and another sequel of the Fright Night 2011 with the title, Fright Night 2: New Blood, was shot in Romania. The sequel got released on 1st October 2013.