A Dog's Purpose Movie Review

3.5 / 5.0

A Dog’s Purpose is adapted from a book which carries the same name. The book was written by Bruce Cameron. He has written the screenplay also for this film. Now let’s see how the film has turned out to be.


Bailey, who is a Red Retriever (given voice by Josh Gad), goes through several issues in his life cycles and gets another birth as the pet dog of Ethan, who belongs to the 60s. The dog becomes attached to Ethans and observes his acts. But the dog passes away owing to old age but takes birth as another dog and is taken care of another owner. He takes birth in another breed now. Bailey goes through various incarnations and in the ongoing process learns intriguing insights about not only human beings but also his own community, dogs.

Star Performances

Bailey is the star of the film and he is born as different dogs.


Those who have pets could empathize with the film which is directed by Lasse Hallstrom, who had earlier helmed Hachi: A Dog’s Tale.

What’s there?

• The narrative of the film is quite good.

• We get a different experience in a dog telling his part of story.

What’s not there?

• There are some loopholes in the movie’s concept. However, the movie has its own share of beautiful moments.

• The melodrama in the film sometimes looks stereotyped.


Are you fond of pets? If so, just book your ticket for A Dog’s Purpose.