Kasthuri Reveals The Reason…

Saturday, June 6th, 2020

Kasthuri,” who had been active on the social networking sites, had a clash with some fans of Ajith Kumar. She was the talk of the town. Besides posting about cinema and politics, Kasthuri has been sharing the updates on Coronavirus regularly. She stopped posting about the pandemic for the past few weeks. So, some of her followers had asked her the reason why she stopped updating. Kasthuri posted the reason. She said that before 2 months, Tamilnadu had 20 cases per day, but now it has increased by thousands and it depressed Kasthuri and hence she stopped updating.

She posted, “Lot of people asking me why I stopped giving COVID updates. Two months ago, in TN we had 20 positives a day, now 2000 everyday. Its depressing for me to see the numbers going up up . So here's the update for the next month- same post for next 30 days..” “More than 2000 Covid positives today also. Chennai remains hotspot, but nobody bothered. Business as usual. Crowds everywhere; social distancing committed suicide. More than 'tasmac' revenue is 'no mask' penalties. Get used to it. Corona vudan vaazha pazhagi kollungal. India overtakes Italy; India overtakes UK; India overtakes many countries.... not in GDP, in corona count. 6000 new cases everyday. ( more than that no testing) migrant labourers back on train, going back to work. Save this update, read once everyday. Thats it.”

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