Kamal Speaks About His Alliance With Rajini In The Upcoming Election!

Tuesday, December 15th, 2020

Rajinikanth,” the Superstar and Kamal Haasan, the Ulaga Nayagan, had been friends for nearly 4 decades. Both of them had always said that they don’t have ego between them and have a smooth relationship, personally and professionally. While discussing politics, they both follow a different path. In a recent interview, Kamal was asked about his alliance with Rajini. Kamal said that he entered into politics to serve the people and Rajini is also saying the same.

He also said that he is willing to join Rajini, but Rajini had to announce his party’s policy and only then he could decide about the alliance. With just a few words by Rajini, he couldn’t conclude, added Kamal. So, he waits for Rajini to announce his party and its policy. Kamal also mentioned that friendship between them is just a phone call away and they could connect easily, ever. Rajini announced that he would launch his party in January 2021.

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