Chennai Nearing 21k Corona Cases!

Saturday, June 6th, 2020

Chennai, the capital of Tamilnadu, has crossed 20k coronavirus positive cases and as of today, the city had witnessed 20, 993 cases. Today, it got 1146 cases. As of now, the state has 30152 COVID19 positive cases. This count includes the cases from other states and airport and railway station quarantines. So far, 10572 people are discharged in Chennai, after they tested negative of coronavirus. Among the total infected people of 30152, the state has discharged 16, 395 cases so far. 251 people died due to this pandemic in Tamilnadu. Already, India has overtaken Italy and holds the sixth position in the most number of infections by covid19.

A few days back, China reported a couple of deaths and both were the doctors who treated Covid19 patients. Even in Tamilnadu, a few doctors who had been treating the Covid19 patients are get caught of the virus and are quarantined. Gujarat has got 19617 cases in Total and today, the state reported 498 new cases. Maharashtra leads the chart with 82, 968 cases.

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