After Sanam Shetty, It’s Time For Tharshan To Meet The Press!

Saturday, February 1st, 2020

Yesterday, we heard the news that Sanam Shetty, the actress complained that the Bigg Boss contestant Tharshan Thiyagarajah, cheated her. She revealed that they were engaged earlier and also revealed the photos. Now, Tharshan met the press and stated that he was in love with Sanam Shetty, but had broken up the relationship now. As per Tharshan’s statement, Sanam Shetty asked him to book her as the heroine in his films. Tharshan had stated that as he is new, he couldn’t force the producer to book her as the heroine. That's the time when the fight started. He is booked in three films, stated Tharshan.

Tharshan admits that his engagement with Sanam Shetty happened without the knowledge of his parents. He said that as his sister is not yet married, his engagement might affect her marriage and that’s why he didn’t reveal it to his parents. Tharshan stated that he has evidence that Sanam Shetty threatened him that she would commit suicide. For detailed information, watch the video, below!

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