Anju Kurian Reveals Her Diet Secrets!

Monday, April 12th, 2021

Anju Kurian, the popular Mollywood actress, who made her debut in “Neram” in 2013, has been choosy in dealing with the films. The actress was last seen in Jack And Daniel alongside “Dileep” and Arjun Sarja has been getting ready for her next film, “Meppadiyan” with Unni Mukundan and Aju Varghese. She had also played in Tamil movies, short films and music videos. Anju had been following a vegan diet for the past 40 days and now completed it. She posted on her Instagram, “Thanks to all my friends and family who supported me during my 40 days vegan challenge. I would like to say that health and nutrition is completely bio-individual and whilst some may thrive on a vegan diet, others might not. So I have decided to continue as a flexitarian.
Here is an update on going vegan for 40days.
Pros :
* Feel strong and healthy.
* Promotes greater self-control.
* Encourages mindful eating.
* Easier to manage weight and natural tendency to reduce your calorie intake.
* Energy boost.
* No mood swings & no period cramps.
* Healthier and better bowel movement.
* Less stress and more focused.
* Limited food choices.
* Difficulty when dining out(not many restaurants offer true vegan choices & need to always ask each ingredient in meals).
* Social isolation.
* Prone to take more carbs.
* Need to plan ahead & be organised.
* More bloating & sugar craving.
* Substitutes can be difficult to find depending on where you live.
I believe in a balanced ,varied, seasonal diet and not in too much supplementation. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about effort and when you implement that effort into your life every single day, that’s when the transformation happens. Ultimate wellness is not about how your body looks, but how it feels. #ak40veganchallenge @aju.matthew.”

So, this is the vegan diet followed by Anju. She thanked her family and friends, who supported her in following this diet.