When Will This Land Scam Stop?

Tuesday, August 31st, 2021

When one invests their hard-earned money in a property and had a sigh of relief, and in the next day when they come to know that they are being cheated, what will be running in their poor mind? This is the thing that happened to the people who bought land in some parts of North Bengaluru. Double registration land scams came into the limelight, and many people lost their investments. The innocent public, who bought land in Mahadeva Kodigehalli, Bagalur, Marulakunte, and Bandikodigehalli areas, are cheated by the property developers. They register the same property to multiple people with the support of the land brokers and the staff at the registration office.

The buyers have the right documents that mention that they are the landowners. As they are given a different survey number for the same plot, the buyers could not find this fraud initially. With the same document, when another person reaches them, what would they do? After suffering a lot, some buyers opened about this, and that’s how it came to the limelight. Many people are standing in the queue that they will be served with justice. With an intention to help the innocent buyers, who those land developers cheat, TV 9 Kannada has decided to deal with this. Soon, there would be a big investigation regarding this. Let’s hope that justice prevails!