Property Developers Deceiving Innocent Buyers In Marulakunte - Bengaluru

Monday, August 30th, 2021

Imagine the plight of innocent people when they realize that their land is being sold by the developer to another person, and they are not even aware of that earlier! Such acts should be addressed at the earliest, so that innocent people don’t fall prey to the shrewd manipulation of dishonest developers. Double registration land scams are prevalent in North Bengaluru, especially Bagalur, Mahadeva Kodigehalli, Bandikodigehalli, and Marulakunte. The worst part here is that layout developers indulge in this unfair act with the help of staff in the registration office as well as brokers. The profit that they earn is a huge one. The mental agony that the buyers undergo deserves due attention. The land developers pay no heed to this, and they care about their fortune. The innocent victims wish that the law gives the needed solution to them.

The unfortunate aspect of this scam is that although buyers possess genuine documents, the developers still do these frauds without the knowledge of the buyers. That said, the site developers use different survey numbers for the same sites. The land registry process in our country has some basic defects, and the scammers do their best to exploit it. Though there are various issues, including title cheating, fast sales, assuring guaranteed returns but not giving it, delay in possession, and selling without legal binding, selling the same site to different buyers is the major problem now in North Bengaluru.

Nettv4u is doing its best to address this issue. Let’s not allow such unscrupulous acts to overtake us. You don’t want to let your hard-earned money be associated with a legal dispute. As of now, buyers of 6 sites who purchased land in Nandagokul layout (Maralukunte) 7 years ago approached nettv4u to share this scam. And nettv4u immediately got into action and found that several other sites of this developer were used for double sale. As a relief to these innocent buyers, TV 9 Kannada is going to investigate the scam of such ruthless developers. After all, a stitch in time saves nine.